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Support and Advocacy for Your Child's Best Interests

The committees, hearings and meetings that go along with protecting your child's right to an education can be intimidating and difficult to handle on your own. Teachers and administrators may come into the meeting with an education plan that they present as the "only option."

At McCabe & Mack LLP, we represent students and parents who need to get real results and the educational support they deserve. As your attorneys, we can provide advocacy and guidance through various education law matters, including meetings, hearings (i.e., disciplinary or suspension hearings) and issues that involve:

  • The Committee on Special Education (CSE) meetings: This is a committee for the classification and determination of a child's educational needs and services.
  • The development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP): This is a written contract between the school district and your family that outlines the educational needs, goals, services and accountability for a child's education.
  • Federal discrimination laws: These laws require schools that receive federal funding (i.e., public schools) to develop and implement policies that prevent and address discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or national origin.
  • 504 meetings: Section 504 is a federal law enacted to protect students with disabilities from discrimination at school. 504 meetings take place to determine if a student is a qualified disabled person and what 504 plan should be developed to accommodate his or her needs.
  • Impartial hearings: Impartial hearings take place when it is believed a child with disabilities may not have been provided reasonable accommodations for free and appropriate public education. They provide an opportunity to both sides to be heard and to develop a plan to correct any wrongdoing for the child's best interests.
  • Suspension hearings: A hearing must be convened by the school district if they wish to suspend a student from school for more than five school days. The hearing has two phases: a guilt phase, in which the student is found guilty or not guilty of the charges, and a penalty phase, in which a penalty may be imposed, if the student has been found guilty.
  • The Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act): This statute has been introduced to ensure schools respond to allegations of bullying in an appropriate and timely matter.

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