Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution

Experience shows that it is often better to try to resolve disputes out of court. To that end, McCabe & Mack LLP offers services involving mediation and arbitration.

In the mediation process, the mediator brings the parties together to settle their differences without resorting to litigation. When successful, which it often is, this process saves parties the time and expenses associated with litigation in the courts.

In arbitration, the parties choose an arbitrator who hears the case and makes a ruling. The process is similar to litigation but is more informal and can be considerably less expensive.

Experienced Mediators and Arbitrators

Among our attorneys available for mediation and arbitration are:

Judge Albert M. Rosenblatt, a former county judge, state Supreme Court justice and, until 2007, member of New York's highest court, the Court of Appeals; and

Judge Ralph Beisner, who served as a former New York State Supreme Court Justice from 1984 to 2002.